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Macron - see AbbreviationMajuscule - A script that is written in all capital letters, for the most part with all letters the same height, as if between two imaginary lines.Malachite - A green pigment from copper carbonate.Manicula - A pointing hand in the margin to indicate an important passage of text.Manuscript - A book written by hand.Mappa mundi - A world map.Marginalia - The Latin word for 'things in the margin', marginalia refers to writing or decoration in the margins of a manuscript.Martyrology - A book, sometimes called a passionale, containing narrative readings on the lives and martyrdoms of the saints, to be read in the Divine Office at the canonical hour of prime.Mass - A core Christian liturgical service that centers on the Eucharist, the celebration of Christ's sacrifice.Media distinctio - In punctuation, a point placed midway between the top and bottom of the previous letter to indicate a medium-length pause.Membra disjecta - Detached leaves from a manuscript, the term is the Latin for 'things scattered'.Membrane - see ParchmentMemorial - see SuffrageMetal point - A writing implement made of metal and used for annotation, drawing, and ruling, which leaves a trace element on the writing surface.Miniature - An independent illustration, as opposed to a scene incorporated into another element of the decorative scheme such as a border or initial.Minim - A single vertical stroke, such as that of a minuscule i, or the first stroke of n.Minim-height - The height of a minim in a given script, which is generally also the height of c and o, and of the tops of the bows of b, d, and h.Minium (Red lead) - A red pigment in inks, commonly used in rubrication.Minuscule - A script in which letters have ascenders that rise above the level of minim-height and descenders that descend below the baseline.Miscellany - A manuscript that contains many different texts, often only in excerpt form.Mise en page - The layout of a manuscript page, including page proportions.Missal - A service book containing the texts necessary for the performance of the Mass (including chants, prayers, and readings), together with ceremonial directions.Monastic production - The making of manuscript books by monks in monastic scriptoria, generally from the Early Christian period until the rise of the universities around 1200.Monumental capitals (Square capitals) - see MajusculeMordant gilding - see ChrysographyMorocco - A style of finishing leather for bindings.Mosaic gold - A gold-colored pigment used as a replacement for real gold in inks.Motto - A word or phrase attached to an emblem, often explaining or emphasizing its symbolic value.Murex purple - see Tyrian purpleMusic manuscripts - Manuscripts in which music appears, whether ecclesiastical or secular.