Latin Gothic Cursiva - Transcription

Gothic Cursiva


Cursive scripts of the later Middle Ages (13th-15th centuries).


  • The identifying features of Cursiva are a single-story a; loops on the ascenders of b h k l; and descenders on f and the straight or long (formerly “tall”) version of s.
  • S is long in the middle of words, where in earlier minuscules you'd expect it to be tall (i.e., to sit on the baseline), and you can see that it is a strong diagonal amid the other letters. You will see the loops on l, and also on d, whose loop turns to the left and crosses back around over itself.
  • Features that this script shares with Textualis include the 2-shaped r in verto at the end of the first line, and abundant minim-confusion. The minim-rich letters i n m u.
  • q with a superscript i = q(u)i.

Exercise 1

Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani, MS 25, fol. 3r, 1425-1475











Trappist (Ky.), Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani, AGOC 21, fol. 3r. Image provided by HMML.

Transcription Answer (Notepad )

1 Incipit prologus r(e)gule sancti benedicti
2 Ausculta o fili p(rae)cepta m(a)g(ist)ri et incli(n)a aure(m) cord(is)
3 tui et a(d)monic(i)o(ne)m pii p(at)ris libent(er) excipe et effica(citer)
4 c(on)ple ut ad eu(m) per ob(oed)ie(ntiae) laborem redeas a quo p(er) inob(oed)ie(ntiae)
5 desidiam r(e)cesseras Ad te (er)go n(un)c me(us) sermo di(r)igit(ur) q(ui)sq(ui)s ab-
6 r(e)nu(n)tia(n)s p(ro)p(ri)is uolupta(ti)b(us) d(omi)no x(rist)o v(er)o regi militatu(ru)s obe-
7 edien(tiae) fortissi(m)a atq(ue) p(rae)clara arma assumis In p(ri)mis ut
8 q(ui)cq(uid) agend(i) inchoas bonu(m) ab eo p(er)fici instanti(ssi)ma or(ati)one
9 deposcas ut q(ui) nos iam in filior(um) dig(na)tus e(st) nu(mer)o c(on)putar(e) no(n)
10 de(be)at al(iquando) de mal(is) actib(us) n(ost)ris c(on)trista(r)i Ita e(n)i(m) ei om(n)i t(em)p(or)e