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Labors of the months - A decorative element in calendars, depicting various tasks relating to different months or times of year.Lacuna - A gap or "hole" in a text, often the result of an incomplete manuscript or damage to the manuscript.Laid paper - see PaperLaid-lines - Lines visible in laid paper where the wires of the mold left an impression.Lampblack - A pigment in ink made with soot or carbon, often from a candle and mixed with gum and water.Layout - see Mise en pageLead point - A lead point, also known as plummet, is a piece of lead alloy, sometimes contained in a holder (the precursor of the pencil), which could be used for drawing, annotation, and ruling.Leaf/Leaves - see FolioLeather - The treated animal skins used in book and manuscript bindings.Lectio brevior - A Latin term meaning "shorter reading."Lectio difficilior - A Latin term meaning "The more difficult reading [is the stronger.]" Also seen as Lectio difficilior potior.Lectionary - A volume containing readings for use in the liturgy.Lettering piece - A leather label on the spine, used by binders since the late 17th century.Lettre d'attente - see Guide letterLiber vitae - A book listing the familiares ('members') and benefactors of a monastic community who were to be remembered in its Masses and in other services and prayers.Ligature - Two or more letters joined in such a way that the original forms of both letters have been altered in making the combined form.Limp binding - A binding composed of parchment, paper, or fabric, without boards.Line filler - A decorative device (abstract, foliate, zoomorphic, or anthropomorphic) that fills the remainder of a line not fully occupied by script.Litany of the saints - The litany is a series of invocations for deliverance and intercession usually addressed to the Trinity, the Virgin, angels, apostles, martyrs, confessors, and virgins, individually and as groups.Littera florissa - A pen-flourished letter or initial, usually composed of delicate geometric and foliate motifs.Littera notabilior - A larger letter in the text, generally marking the start of a sense-unit or verse.Liturgical manuscripts - A broad category of manuscripts created for use during Christian religious services.Liturgy - The rites, observances, or procedures prescribed for public worship.Lobe - see BowLombard Capitals - see VersalsLombardic - An early medieval Latin script from southern Europe.Low-set F - see ScriptLow-set S - see ScriptLunellum - A tool, shaped like a crescent moon, for scraping hair and flesh off of parchment during preparation.